Sunday, 19 January 2020

18 outstanding long braid styles

Braids are an extremely popular way for ladies to wear their hair, irrespective of your color, because its fitting on everyone; though this unique hair style is favored by black ladies because of their hair texture. 

Braids come in lots of fun styles such as the box braid, cornrow, twist,lemonade and so on. These different styles all have the power of transforming any girl, lady, or woman is a super beauty. But our focus will today be on long box braids.
we took the liberty to present you guys with some amazing braid styles which we hope will inspired when next you decide to visit the saloon so as to achieve and experience that beauty look you truly deserve.

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Photo Credit: Pinterest


  1. I love doing hair I have a daughter and would like to learn more about different styles

    1. going to post tonight referencing different hair styles....cheers