Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Earning a legitimate income on Owodaily

Review: What are the benefits being an owodaily member ?

Owodaily is Nigeria's biggest online marketing platform creating an opportunity for millions of Nigerians to earn a legitimate income as freelancer doing simple but rewarding task. Owodaily avails its members the opportunity to make as much as one hundred thousand naira per month.

I bet you’re most likely wondering how, right? Well I'll tell you guys just how everyone can be a part of the best online platform which is revolutionizing how Nigerian work and earn money choosing your workspace and hours at your own comfort and pace.

The following highlights ways which you can earn using the owodaily platform.

1. Membership

2. Affiliate

3. Available jobs

4. Village

5. As a partner/online marketer

Membership: to enjoy all the privileges owodaily has to offer it's users, first off you'll have to register on the platform which is totally free to the general public. Upon successful registration on owodaily’s site, you would be required to pay a once lifetime fee of three thousand naira (3000) which grants you unlimited access to all the benefits the platform has to offer.

There are two major ways you can pay to become an active and verified member of owodaily. First is with the use of gift cards. With the purchase of gift card in the sum of three thousand naira from trusted vendors in partnership with owodaily or simply pay online using your ATM card.

As soon as you've paid using any of the available options, your account would be activated given you full access to the members section where jobs are available for you.


Affiliate: making money on owodaily is not limited to just one method but the platform provides multiple streams for its members to earn legitimately from the site. This reward system is achieved when a member invites a friend or family member to sign up and active his/ her account. You instantly get #1600 naire for the particular referral. That not all because when someone who you referred also get to refer someone to the platform, you get #200 naira as reward for that person.

please note, to ensure you get your money, you must remember to include your referral link while sending out your invites. Because without your link, it can be verified that it’s coming from you. So don't forget copy and paste your link when sharing on social networks.


Available job: as a verified member of owodaily, you have access to listed jobs on the platform for you to actively engage in. These jobs may vary from commenting on a post Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The job description could also require you to follow and share/repost across WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can also get paid for watching YouTube videos and also subscribing to YouTube channels. I would love to state that the available jobs section is not limited to the aforementioned. As you'll lots of attractive and exciting ways to earn.

Village: you can also earn money on owodaily platform when you actively engage by comments as a villager, which earn you points that translates to cash. To earn the privilege of starting a topic as a villager. Villager you will need to have engaged in five topics. As you gradually accumulate points by engaging in viral post or topics and also share to other social networks. After attaining the 350th point mark, you advance to the rank of an elder.

Elder: your ranking goes higher as you interact and engage more. At this level you'll need to accumulated 700th points which will be rewarded by owodaily.

Chief: the next rank to attain as you go higher is that of the village chief. After posting/reposting/reply points earn is 1499th, owodaily reward you for engagement in the community. At this point you became a village king in the community.

Digital marketing: Another package owodaily platform offers is an avenue for which social media marketers/manager post jobs which are easier and a lot cheaper to manage than most platform provides. Advertising on owodaily requires a post and accurate instructions of the job posted, and the rest is done precisely by members of owodaily.

As a social media marketer, advertising on owodaily presents the opportunity for you to fish for more clients thereby increasing your capital base, as less amount if time is spent on creating content for the required target market.

As a social media manager advertising on owodaily, you are guaranteed engagement on your brand right from the first minute after been approved. By simply posting out job Post members on the platform will correctly carry out this tasks.

As a digital marketer posting job or advertising on owodaily you don't have to worry about dealing with bots as all engagement are carried out by real people doing real jobs.

So if you're out there, and looking for great opportunities on the internet space to pursue a legitimate income stream as a freelancer, engaging in real jobs that get you paid then is the right place to be. Owodaily is Nigeria's most renowned website that guarantees rewards and earnings for being a member of its platform.


Well yes, most reviews will say owodaily is relatively new but technically its not, because owodaily platform was conceived and launched a couple of years back as a pet project testing its relevancy in tackling and providing solutions to today's problems. And we all would agree that the website has shown great promises with its richly diverse audience and beautiful setup which I must commend is tailored nicely to accommodate the hash impact of the pandemic, allowing members to work remotely from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a laptop or smartphone with internet service.


So guys, what are you waiting for, come sign up and activate your account with jus #3000 naira and get access to the all juicy jobs you can to earn a living as we change the narrative of our generation. With the limitless opportunities this amazing platform has to offer.


So am going to leave you all my personal referral link in the description Are you surprised, well yes am also a legitimate earning member of the owodaily platform. Owodaily has a robust 24hours support system across all social platforms.


Cheers guys, take responsibility while staying safe.

Friday, 9 October 2020

Asoebi Rockstars

Hey guys join me as we share and marvel at the sheer grandeur of the Asoebi designs which are
absolutely breathtakingly renowned for its dominance acceptability. African weddings are prominent
as a hub for showcasing the best of asoebi styles.

Asoebi is an attire that comes in various styles which can be use for any and all occasion. how you look all depends on your drive and passion for asoebi designs. so lets take a look as some of these new and refreshing ideas all package for you.

So ladies i'll like you guys to checkout these beautiful compilation of ideas which you could copy from to enrich your wardrobe while giving you the right be inspired as you go through our pins.
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            Be the next Asoebi rockstars.....cheers ladies.
            Photo Credit: Pinterest