Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Awesome Boubou Collection For Ladies

what is a boubou? Indeed, a boubou (or bubu, or terrific boubou, or great bubu) The boubou is the exemplary Senegalese robe or piece of clothing, worn by the two people all over West Africa and in West African diasporic networks of Europe and the United States. Sewn from a solitary piece of texture, the boubou is normally 59 inches wide and of shifting lengths. 

The most exquisite style, the fabulous boubou, typically utilizes a piece of texture 117 inches in length and spans to the lower legs. Customarily, uniquely crafted in workshops by tailors, the boubou is made by collapsing the texture fifty-fifty, molding a neck opening, and sewing the sides mostly up to make streaming sleeves. For ladies the neck is huge and adjusted; for men it frames a long V-shape.

At the point when solidly treated and hung over the body, the boubou makes for its wearer the presence of a masterful, exquisite carriage with grand tallness and presence. Men wear the exemplary boubou with a coordinating shirt and pants under. Ladies wear it with a coordinating covering or pagne and head-tie.

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