Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Caribbean Fried Rice




INGREDIENTS                                                                                   MEASUREMENTS

Vegetable oil                                                                                                    2 cooking spoon

Chicken                                                                                                            1kg

Basmati rice (long grain rice)                                                                          4cups

Bell pepper (green pepper)                                                                               2

Carrot                                                                                                                100g

Sweet corn                                                                                                        100g

Spring onions                                                                                                    50g

Black pepper                                                                                                   1 1/2 table spoon

Oyster sauce                                                                                                      2 table spoon

Plantain                                                                                                              As required

Onions                                                                                                                2 bulbs

Seasoning                                                                                                           4-6 cubes

Dark sag sauce                                                                                                    2 table spoon

Salt                                                                                                                      To taste

Red pepper                                                                                                           6 seeds



* Wash chicken breast with salt and water, then cut into stripes, then marinate and set aside.

* Cut your plantain into cubes, and then fry till you get a golden brown look and then set        aside.

* Also wash your vegetables and cut into tiny cubes.

* Parboil your rice, wash, drain and set aside.

* Boil the marinate chicken in a pot for 5-10 minutes, separate the chicken from stock and        set aside.

*Pour the chicken stock into a pot and add the soy sauce and some seasoning, and allow to        boil vigorously.

* Add parboiled rice into the mix, and stir gently, cover and let it cook.

* Use a sauce pan, while adding vegetable oil, allow to heat then add spring onions. Fry for    a while add cooked chicken, fry then the carrot, green pepper, sweet corn, black pepper,       some seasoning and then your oyster sauce. Stir until gently cooked. Add your fried               plantain and stir and allow to simmer.

* Then pour into the boiling rice stir (correct your seasoning) cover and allow to cook until    the rice dries up completely. You can serve hot or allow to cool a bit, whatever your               preference.




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